Message from the King Lion of the Chestertown Lions Club

Greetings Lions,

I hope everyone is staying well during these trying times. Who would have guessed the last regular dinner meeting, March 11 at the Chester River Yacht and Country Club would be our last face to face meeting before we typically take a break for summer and resume in the fall. This appears to be the case unless Covid-19 trends improve and the State is allowed to open up and things return to normal.

Because we are Lions I hope we all look for individual opportunities to serve those less fortunate then ourselves, particular when so many are restricted to home and have needs without family to help. Many other families just need help with food or someone to talk with. As we do everything we can under the circumstances I wanted to update you regarding the Chestertown Lions Club.

First of all I just received notice that our own Lion Wayne Benjamin has been officially elected District Governor of District 22B. The next time you see Lion Wayne please congratulate him and let him know how proud we are of his willingness to serve. We know he will be a great District Governor.

Last evening your Lions Board of Directors met virtually by Zoom and FreeConferenceCall. Given the impact of stay at home restrictions and social distancing, the Board had to make some major decisions regarding fundraising events and how any shortfall in fundraising would impact the cash available to fund budgeted items that remains unfunded for the year which ends June 30, 2020

Unfortunately we decided to cancel the Bay to Bay Bike Ride scheduled for June 28, 2020. We all owe Lions Kitty and Bill Neff, Chair of these events, a big thank you for all of the work they did in preparation for the Ride for Sight and the Bay to Bay Bike Ride. We decided the uncertainty and possible restrictions surrounding the pandemic created a bigger risk to the Club than the benefits. As of this time we had received pre-registrations of 20 riders, typically by this time we would have been approaching 100. We will attempt to convert the registration fees into donations. The Bike Rides and sponsorship’s in connection with these rides were budgeted to provide $12,200 after expenses.

In connection with the Bike Rides Lion Dave Dunham and his committee had collected some $2,200 in sponsorship’s. The Board decided to run an ad in the Spy and Tidewater Trader to thank our sponsors and let them know their funds will support the community needs. Based upon this decision, income for the year will be down by approximately $10,000 or 40% of our annual budget.

As you know, the Comedy Night that had been scheduled for May 30, 2020 was also canceled, and as a result of the hard work by Dave Dunham advance ticket sales were converted to donations. As a result of this great job the Comedy Night generated close to what had been budgeted for the year.

As a result of this fundraising shortfall occurring so late in the year, and after many of our budgeted donations had already been disbursed, the Board had to make some tough decisions regarding future disbursements. Of the remaining budgeted items that remained to be funded, the Board addressed how they should be addressed and still end the year with sufficient funds for the next King Lion to start the year.

The remaining unpaid budget items considered for payment included the following:

Lions Club International Foundation $1,000

Lions 22B Charitable Foundation 800

Remaining Eye Glass Budget 1,100

Scholarships 2,500

Before the Board considered the unpaid budgeted items, Lion Michael Moore, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, reported that he and his committee received and reviewed some 14 applications for scholarships. He reported the applicants were quite impressive, and the decision was difficult. He provided the Board a list of the top 6 candidates ranked from 1 to 6.

After some discussion the Board decided to fund the following:

Lions Club International Foundation $ 300

Lions 22B Charitable Foundation 300

Remaining Eye Glass Budget 1,100 if needed

Scholarships**** (Top 3) 1,500

**** This includes $500 and $120 in restricted contributions for Scholarships

I want to thank the Board for their thoughtful deliberations regarding governance of the Chestertown Lions Club during this time of the coronavirus.

The Board will be meeting again on Wednesday, June 17th by Zoom. If the stay at home restrictions are still in place or something similar I will be inviting the entire membership to join our meeting. We will discuss the status of our summer socials and the timing of the official installation of new officers. Zoom is the next best thing to having an in person meeting, I hope you will try it. If you would like help with Zoom please let me know.

Finally, stay safe and healthy and serve when you can.

KL Rick

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