It looks like this year is going to be a challenging one for our Ctown Lions Club.  Keeping that in mind, I wanted to get your thoughts on the best way to proceed in our new Club year.  Considering the majority of us are in the “vulnerable” category, please take some time…too hot outside anyway…to give your feedback on a variety of subjects facing us.

1.  Should we try for a crab feast in August?  If so, what would be the safest way to put it together?
2.  Will you be ready to return to the Country Club in September for our regular dinner meetings?
What changes, if any, do you want to see to the dinner, seating arrangement, the agenda?  Any other thoughts on the meeting itself?
3.  Are you ready to be a visitation team member and visit another Lions Club in our District?  (The District may not recommend visitations as an
activity.  We will wait for directions.)
4.  The fundraising efforts to support our projects was stopped cold in March.  How should we proceed to support these projects this year?
Will you be ready to work the chicken BBQ, shotgun raffle, etc.?  What other suggestions do you have to help support our usual commitments to
the Kent County community?
Please provide and other “words of wisdom” or concerns about the upcoming Lions Club year.
My hope is that we can return to the Lions Club we love, we are again doing important work for our community and we are all looking forward to a year of health, safety, learning, fun, fellowship and accomplishments.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Mary Lou   (AKA…KLMLP)

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