Chestertown Lions Club Visitation Program

Gentle Lions:

I am pleased to report that the Lions Visitation program is alive and well this year.
Ten to twelve of the Lions Clubs in our District are participating in the Lions Clubs Visitation Program by inviting member teams from our Lions Clubs to visit a monthly meeting of their club. Some of the clubs this year allow visitation only in person, some only via zoom, and some either in person or via zoom.  
Those of you who are familiar with the visitation program know that it is a fun way to get together with a few other members of our club to go visit another club, meet their members, and share information as to what each club is up to.  But now in the age of covid we are adding the additional ability to visit by zoom.  Many of you want to experience the fellowship of Lionism and stay involved in our Clubs activities, but understandably because of your own personal situation, don’t feel comfortable in the Covid environment participating in an in-person meeting.  For such members, participating in the visitation by zoom is the perfect opportunity to stay involved and help our club without attending an in-person event.

I ASK THAT, BY THIS FRIDAY PLEASE, each club member respond to me by email to let me know:
  • Whether you are willing to participate in the visitation program this year (If you are, you will be placed on a team of 4-6 club members, and will attend one agreed upon meeting of the club assigned to your team).
  • If so, then whether you are willing to participate in person only, via zoom only, or either one.
Once I have your responses I will send out a list of teams and team captains and the club assigned to each team.  I will indicate whether a team is a zoom team or an in person team. I will give the captains the contact information for the club they visit; and then the captains will contact their assigned club to agree upon a meeting date that works for that club and for the members of the captain’s team.
Our new member Jane Welsh has kindly agreed to act this year as Visitation Chair.  So once I have sent out the list of teams, team captains, and assigned clubs, Jane will follow up with captains to see that they have scheduled, and then ultimately have attended, the visitation with the club assigned to them.
Many thanks.
Lion Henry

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