Just like many of our other key Lions Club projects, the Christmas Basket Project is being “restructured” to keep everyone safe.  There will NOT be the usual packing of food boxes at the Community Center.  The plan this year is to purchase food only gift certificates which will be sent to those who would have gotten food boxes.  Instead of our time this year, the project needs our treasure in the form of donations to fund the food gift certificates.  Over the years this activity has provided so much to those in our community.  This year the need is even greater.  Please consider making a donation payable to KENT COUNTY CHRISTMAS BASKET COMMITTEE INC.

Send your donations to the treasurer:  Mr. Joseph Irr,   13886 Swantown Creek Road,  Galena,  MD,   21635   You might want to add on the memo line:  “from a Chestertown Lions Club member”.  It won’t be as much fun and writing a check won’t replace the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done but the end result, I’m sure, will be just as much appreciated.

The 4H is doing a toy drive.  Those toys will be delivered by members of Social Services and the Washington College Athletic Department.

BTW,  I will be on WCTR radio tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. talking about…The Chestertown Lions Club.


Mary Lou Pagella   (KLMLP)

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The district is charged with the critical task of cleaning 40,000 eyeglasses in order to send them on their way to help those who need them desperately. Vision…our first and great mission to We Serve.

We need volunteers to work anytime on Monday thru Thursday starting at 9:00 a.m. Please consider a 4-hour time commitment.

The work is being done in the basement at First Methodist Church on High Street in Chestertown. Masks and gloves will be provided and every “social distance” requirement will be followed.

Please email District Gov. Wayne Benjamin at drwdbmd [at] gmail [dot] com to let him know when and how long you can devote to this project.

I bet we can chalk this up to one of our service projects…let’s do it!

Mary Lou Pagella, (KLMLP)

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Matt Kemple is organizing a Rt. 213 road cleanup for Monday, November 9th at 9:00 a.m. Please reply to mkempel [at] live [dot] com or text him at 410-490-6186 if you can participate.  (if we get a good turnout, we can usually complete in a few hours). We meet at the recycling bins by Sparkle Pools on 213 south of Chestertown.



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2020 Fall Raffle

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I know many of you feel that our dinner meetings are just not the place to be this year. It is vitally important that our Club members stay well.
You can still participate and perform an important part of the Lions Club year by being a Chestertown Lions Visitation Zoom Member. Many of the Clubs in our district are doing their meetings virtually and are inviting other clubs to participate by zoom and satisfy the club visitation requirement.
I am inviting anyone who would like to serve your Ctown Lions Club this way, doing your part to keep our Club moving forward. If it sounds like something you could do, please email me and I will forward the information about each club and how to “zoom” in to their meeting.
The Betterton/Still Pond Club meets tomorrow evening, so if anyone can fit that in, please let me know asap and I will forward their information.
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather.
Mary Lou Pagella, KL

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I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked so hard, both on Friday (the baggers and scoopers) and today, to make this Chicken BBQ a fantastic success.  We sold out!  The best part was seeing everyone working together to make the whole thing work like a “well-oiled clock”…lots of laughing, some jabs about no chicken livers.  Great job, group!  When you hear from your customers, “Keep the change, you guys do great work,” what’s better than that?

BTW, our secret sauce makes the skin the best part.

Thanks to all,   KLMLP

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22-B September Newsletter

2020-09 September Newsletter 22-B
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First Shotgun Raffle Ticket Sales Report

Lion Fred & I were at Molly’s main entrance Saturday, and as you can see from the first picture, fully Covid-19 compliant.  The plexiglass window was compliments of Peoples Bank.  They didn’t want us to set up in front of the Quick-Mart side of the building, so as you can see from the 2nd picture, we were limited to a directional sign.  Anyhow, we were lucky to be there on a big sale day and sold out of the 210 tickets we had by noon.

Lion Rick Wells

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July 22nd Board Meeting

July 22nd Board Meeting

(from left to right) Lion Mike Moore, Lion Ken Roderick, Shotgun event chair Fred Sherriff, and Past KL Rick Coffman practice social distancing and mask wearing to discuss best ways to press ahead with shotgun raffle ticket sales.

(from left to right) KL Mary Lou Pagella uses her leadership talents to guide a business meeting in the “dark” as Club Secretary Lion Glenn Owens, Lion Mike Moore, and Lion Ken Roderick look on.

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District 22B August Newsletter

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