Chestertown Lions Chicken BBQ

Fellow Lions,

A big thanks goes to Lion Jerry McCarthy, Chair, and Lions Ken Roderick and Bob Knapp, Vice Chairs, for running a very successful Barbecue on a fantastic fall day. The entire team and the KA’s from the College worked together and sold 700 chicken halves by around 2:30 pm; a job well done.

Success requires a lot of work and coordination. The Team Captains and Team Members worked together to prepare for the event, set up for the day of the event, prep the chicken, cook the chicken, cook the livers, package the chicken to be sold, sell the chicken and then clean up.

A special thanks goes to the team members who got there early to set up and those who stayed late to help with the cleanup.

Thanks again for making our first major fundraiser a success.

KL Rick

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