Service Project – Church Hill PTA

Fellow Lions,

In search of a new fundraiser for the Chestertown Lions Club which required little up front cost and limited number of volunteers, Service Chair Fred Sherriff and Director Ken Roderick organized an event in partnership with the Church Hill PTA and a food vendor out of Easton, Md. The Church Hill PTA was raising money for an additional White Board.

The event was held Friday evening October 25, 2019 at the Church Hill Elementary School. The Chestertown Lions Club was represented by Lions Herb Wilkinson, Lee Hunley and Henry Hart. A big thanks goes to the Lions participating.

Our Lions Club benefited from this community project by the service we provided to make it happen and the experience we gained by first hand observation of food and the vendor from Easton. Based upon what we learned we may be able to duplicate this type of fundraiser in the future at other venues.

Again, thanks to Fred and Ken for spearheading this event.

KL Rick

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