Annual Fall Shotgun Raffle

Fellow Lions,

Under the leadership of Chair Fred Sherriff, the Annual Shotgun Raffle is one of the Lions Club major fundraisers.  This year, we added 500 tickets for a total of 5,000.  To sell all of these tickets we need everyone to serve multiple times, and remember you have to ask for the order, not wait for them to come to you.  Chair Fred does a great job of organizing and coordinating 5 sales teams which sell most weekends starting in September and ending in December.
Most weekends, Lions can be seen selling tickets at Molly’s, JBK’s, The Mill in Kingstown, and the Farmers Market.  We will have to work hard to make this year’s target.  If you could help again let Chair Fred know.
Photos from the sales team at Molly’s and JBK.
Thanks for all you do.
KL Rick
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