Christmas Baskets

Fellow Lions,

I would like to thank our Christmas Basket Chairman Herb Wilkinson and all of his helpers for their work on Sunday, December 15, and Monday, December 16th. On Sunday the food was delivered and Lions and others helped to unload. On Monday, boxes were delivered by Dixon Valve; boxes were set up, labeled for delivery, and then food was placed in the boxes. Once the boxes were filled they were closed, and families with children got a bag of toys especially for that family. At that point, the baskets were ready to be delivered by Lions and many other organizations.

To accomplish this, it takes a lot of organization, and thanks to Robyn Moore, Executive Director of the Christmas Basket Committee, Inc. it all gets done. This is a project that all of the Lions Clubs in Kent County work together along with many other organizations to help some 500 families have a better Christmas.

KL Rick

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